Our Book

Our current book is More Than Happiness: Buddhist & Stoic Wisdom for a Sceptical Age by Antonia Macaro.  You can purchase this book at the That Book Store in store or online. We will cover 5 to 10 pages per meeting.  More Than Happiness is a very down-to-earth and practical introduction to Stoicism and Buddhism that clearly explains their common characteristics and differences while highlighting the value of a living a philosophical life in the traditional Greco-Roman and Buddhist sense.

Although we highly suggest purchasing this book beforehand, this is not required or neccesary. Our meetings are relaxed group conversations. Just by showing up, you are guaranteed to learn about these two philosophical traditions. If you are in need to quickly buy More Than Happiness, it will be available for sale at That Book Store.

To purchase our discussion book More Than Happiness, visit That Book Store, HERE or you may buy it at the store.

To read a book review of More Than Happiness, by Stoic teacher Robert Robertson, CLICK HERE.