Online Group Meetings

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The Stoa Buddhist Philosophy Group is now meeting online. It offers a non-academic book discussion format where those interested in both Stoicism and Buddhism can come together and learn from the text being read and from each other through the guidance of a Stoic practitioner who is also an experienced Buddhist teacher. Our approach is to learn about the art of living and to strive toward the unfolding of our human potential for inner happiness, flourishing, and enlightenment.

Our online Stoa Buddhist Philosophy Group meets Online via Zoom on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. We hope you can join us. See our Calendar for link.

The topics of discussion will be based on the chapters of the book, Seneca: Dialogues and Essays, a new translation by John Davie, by Oxford World Classics. No experience or knowledge necessary with Stoicism or Buddhism. To join the Stoa Buddhist Meeting via Zoom, visit our GOOGLE CALENDAR page link to our website. 

Stoa Buddhist Philosophy Group Online Rules: Practice kind speech, be courteous, allow others to speak, and abstain from talking about current politics. Remember, we are a Politics Free Zone. Your Zoom profile picture, clothing and background view must not present political slogans or symbols of any kind, or any other offensive imagery or language, or harsh, sexual or violent imagery.  Infringement of any of the above rules, may result in a warning and/or immediate dismissal from the meeting. 

Returning to the book store?: Once the coronavirus public health issue has been mitigated by state and federal governments, we will be returning to meet at the cozy and friendly That Book Store.

We recommend that you give yourself time to sign-in before the 6 p.m. meeting.

Suggested Donation: $1 – $5 to help cover costs for using Zoom Video Communications, internet services, and standard operating costs.  Thank you in advance for your generous support.  Please visit,